Emergency Dental In Maple, Vaughan

Maple Dental Centre Dr.Sophie

Welcome to Maple Dental Centre Dr. Sophie, proudly serving the Maple region in Ontario. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Sophie, is renowned for their exceptional patient care and convenient evening and weekend hours. Our team of emergency dentists and dental hygienists have made it their mission to deliver quality general dentistry and dental emergency services that make a difference with our patients overall oral health. Whether you need an emergency dentist or just a check-up, our team cannot wait to take care of you and your oral health.

Emergency Dental In Maple, Vaughan

When you find yourself in need of emergency dental care, it is important to contact the emergency clinic and explain your situation. Once you have contacted our emergency dental clinic in Maple, our superb team of dentists will be able to talk you through how to proceed. We will meet you at the surgery to treat the cause of your urgent care problem. Should you damage your teeth or mouth, please contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible; some injuries must be acted upon very quickly to save the health of the teeth. 

As it is the mission of Maple Dental Centre Dr. Sophie, to assist each and every one of our patients to the best of our abilities, our emergency dentists will be on hand as quickly as possible.

Any level of dental pain can be unbearable, especially if the pain persists throughout the day. A toothache that will not subside and gets worse over time might be a sign of more serious oral health issues, like an abscessed tooth. If the pain is so severe that over-the-counter painkillers have no effect, sufferers are well advised to visit Archer Dental as soon as possible.

Important: Any real world accidents that impact a patient’s teeth or gingiva, even if minor, could trigger larger issues that will worsen over time. If worried about recent trauma, patients are advised to get a professional dental evaluation as soon as possible.

  1. Fixing Broken Teeth
  2. Loss of Dental Crowns
  3. Loss of Dental Fillings
  4. Persistent Toothache

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